Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Name Game

After what can only be described as the straw that broke the work camel's back, I have finally decided to do something about starting up my own business.

It has been a dream of mine for awhile to open my own coffee shop kind of place. Something like Central Perk from Friends, but with a bit more of a fancy edge to it. I've dabbled with the family friendly place with an alcove for the kiddies, and a big screen tv for sports/movie/cult tv nights. But not anymore. Maybe it has to do with all the Sex and the City I've been watching lately but I want a place with high backed chairs and little round tables. Chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and little delicate cakes served on pretty china. Or a variation thereof.

Well here is my dilema (other than the usual, money/location/ stuff). I have no idea what to call it. The problem I'm having with everything thing I come up with is that the name doesn't work with the 2 concepts I'm trying to get something off the ground with.

You see, there is no way I can just quit my job and run away with this idea. I have bills to pay, and I really need to move out from home. So I'm beginning by selling my baked products online. Cakes to order, Hot X Buns at Easter, Christmas Cakes as Christmas, and that kind of thing, just to see if it's viable and to get my cooking out there.

But I want the same name for both things. Once I eventually have the shop up and running, I want it to be under the same brand as what I am trying to start now. Does that make sense??

Here are some names that I'm just throwing out there... In no particular order.

  • Choux (because it's pronounces 'shoe' and I love shoes!)
  • Mon Cheri
  • Bon Appetite (will more than likely have copyright issues)
  • Insomnia (have always wanted this for a coffee shop, but don't think it works for cakes)
  • Martini
  • Pari
  • That Place Around the Corner...
If anyone has a creative bone out there can you throw it to me, or spin me around and point me in the right direction??

Let me know what you think.