Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last Year of my Twenties

Today is January 6th.

To some it's known as Epiphany or Three Kings day, others know it as the 12th Day of Christmas. To me it is simply my birthday.

As of today I am officially in the last year of my twenties. I'm not sad or worried that next year it will be the "Big Three -Oh", age to me is just a number.

Do I feel 29??

I don't know, what is 29 meant to feel like? Is there some cosmic list out there that you are meant to be checking off things one by one?? Personally I think that stuff happens in your own time, when you are ready to face them. Not everything has to be all sorted and your life on a plan by the time you get to 30.

So what did I do for my birthday I hear you asking....

Well, not a lot actually. It's a work day for me so it was off to the salt mines as usual, no cake (not for lack of trying, the girls went to the shop but alas it was closed). No balloons, no-one singing Happy Birthday.

I did go home for dinner with Mum and Dad, that was nice, but the present they ordered for me hadn't arrived yet, the pavlova I asked for was un-availvable, and I cooked my own dinner. So all in all, it really was a non-event. Is this how birthdays will be from now on?? What happens to all that excitement you have as a child? The one day that is yours and you don't have to share it with anyone. Does it just slip through the cracks as we all get caught up in life??

Anyway enough about me pondering the value of a birthday. On to the good things. I did get a chance to set up my new TV, I should have my book by the end of the week, and the culinary delights will follow. So all is not lost, it's just driving around without GPS.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Kathy!!

    You say age is only a number until you number is what mine is.. xx

  2. Happy birthday! I'm now 33 and I can safely say that I didn't like being 29 a whole lot! I spent a whole lot of time worrying about becoming 30 and didn't really enjoy the end of my 20s!

    So don't do what I did! Have a great birthday and thoroughly enjoy yourself!

    Oh and, if you have to have your life all sorted by the time you're 30, then I'm already about three years behind! :D

    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy (day late) birthday to you!

    What's 29 supposed to feel like? Tell you what, 10 years ago I didn't think I'd be 29 with a wife, two kids, a mortgage, and a decent job. And I thought working at Starbucks (where I was employed 10 years ago) was the bomb.